Digital Citizenship Video Competition Winners

Eli Toole, 1st Prize, West Stanly Middle School

Jack Fowler, 1st Prize, JN Fries Middle School

Kaelyn Stanley, 2nd Prize, CC Griffin Middle School

Matthew George, 2nd Prize, JN Fries Middle School

Sahasra Kakani, 3rd Prize, JN Fries Middle School

Noah Condie, 3rd Prize, Mount Pleasant Middle School


Digital Citizenship Video Competition


Step 1

Review the flyer about the video competition


Flyer about the Video Competition

For questions email Dr. Wang at

New Due Date: February 28th, 2019

All middle school students from Cabarrus County Schools and Stanly County Schools can submit videos to participate in this competition.


Step 2

Watch Dr. Wang's video about the video competition

Step 3

Complete and submit the parental consent and child assent forms


To participate in the video competition, we require permission from the parents and agreement from the students. This is to protect the privacy of the students. Please complete both the forms, sign, scan and upload through the dropbox file request links included. If you do not have acces to a scanner, you can take a picture and upload the forms.

Parental Consent Form

Child Assent Form

Link to Upload - Parental Consent

Link to Upload - Child Assent


Step 4

Watch the Video Examples

Here are a few video examples



Step 5

Review the technology for creating videos


While you can use any application of your choice, here are a few:

Camtasia (use trial version do not purchase)




Step 6


Review this rubric for details on how the video will be scored and for details to include in the video.

Video Scoring Rubric

Step 7

Complete the Video Information Survey

Students use this survey link to submit their information to the competition

Note: please create your file name as DistrictnameStudentnameShortfilename.

For example MarvinHigh_JohnSmith_Bully.mp4

If you have a URL/web address instead of a file name,

provide the web address within the survey instead of the file name


Step 8

Submit the video through the dropbox file request

Please use the dropbox file request link provided here to submit your video file.

Dropbox File Request